Attar Al Kaba Concentrated Perfume | By Al Mushk Perfumes

Attar Al Kaba Concentrated Perfume

French Perfume
Size: 6 ML and 12 ML
Category: Non-Alcoholic
Type: Men

Brand: Al Mushk


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Attar Al Kaba Concentrated Perfume By Al Mushk  Inspired from the scent of the holy kaaba.a beautiful blend of rose and oud that evokes powerful positive memories.this precious,highly potent perfume is seductive,sweet yet sophisticated blended with essential oils simply delicious. a straight away starts with lush red velvety roses the rose here is jammy and sweet as the scent develops the rose becomes softer but still with a pure essence then oud and amber adds to make a truly divine experience of middle eastren scent.attar al kaaba takes you to a wondrous world longevity is excellent and sillage is commensurate with its longevity.

12ml Item Package Dimensions: 12.5cm H  x 7.5cm W 

6ml Item Package Dimensions: 10cm H  x 7cm W





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